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Bess Hepworth

Bess is an Australian born social media scientist with a background in community development and high performance sport. She has represented Australia as a youth footballer and coach as well as recently represented Hong Kong in cricket. Bess recently founded Planet Ally, an LGBTI and ally travel based advocacy platform and prior to that worked as APAC Partnership and Community Manager Out Leadership. LGBTI Business organisation based in New York.

Bess’s other previous roles include, Director of Pink Season, Asia’s largest LGBTI Cultural Festival, Coordinator for IDAHOT Hong Kong, Events and Volunteer Coordinator for Kids Ocean Day, Hong Kong, TEDx curator and advisory Board member for Social Media Week Hong Kong and an organizer of Rainbow Families Hong Kong.

Prior to founding Planet Ally, Bess ran a successful corporate team building company focused on creativity, productivity and performance. A wife and mother of 2 young boys, Bess now spends much of her time between raising her 2 sons, the youngest who is deafblind and working in the LGBTI social media space.

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