APTN Thai Foundation Board and Regional Steering Committee
The Asia Pacific Transgender Network has a Thai Foundation board that oversee the finances and assets of the Foundation. They are legally responsible for presenting activity reports, financial report, balance sheets and income and expenditure accounts to the Ministry of Interior as required by law. With assistance from the Secretariat, the Thai Foundation Board oversees all work permits and work visas for non-Thai staff. However, the Thai Foundation Board members respecting the fact that APTN is a regional network and thereby requires greater inclusivity discharge governance duties to the APTN Steering Committee on the condition that it ensures that the Foundation is upholding its objectives and operating within the laws of Kingdom of Thailand. The Steering Committee is the body that establishes and oversees the vision, mission, and strategic objectives of APTN ensuring that its activities and finances are managed in a responsible manner and in accordance with its strategic plan.

Thai Foundation Board

Khangpiboon, Kath

Kath is one of the co-founders of the Thai Transgender Alliance (ThaiTGA), a national network of transgender activists working to address unmet needs of members of the transgender community. 

Together with Thai TGA, Kath advocates for anti-transphobia, anti-violence against Trans people, and the improvement of the access to healthcare services for transgender people. She has been representing Thai transgender community at various international platforms to amplify the voice of the community and address the issues they are facing. Kath advocates for the basic rights of transgender people in Thailand and increase public awareness and  understanding of transgender issuesthough many local and international media.

Janamnuaysook, Rena


Rena is a Thai transgender woman advocating for health and human rights of transgender people and other key populations. She has extensive local, national and international backgrounds in working with HIV and AIDS organizations. Rena provides technical and organizational capacity development assistance to the USAID-funded and GFATM-funded civil societies. She obtained a bachelor degree in political science from Thammasat University, Thailand and a master degree in international public services from University of Birmingham, United Kingdom. Currently she works as a project coordinator for a research cohort study for community-based HIV test and treat strategies among men who have sex with men and transgender women in Thailand with the Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Centre.

Nakpor, Thitiyanun Doy

Doy is a Thai transgender woman activist, who has over 15 year experience in trans advocacy. After her university graduation, Doy joined M Plus organization in Chiang Mai as Transgender woman activists, focusing on health and sexual health, HIV and AIDS. Currently she hold the position of the Director of SISTERS Foundation in Pattaya, which is the only transgender community-led organization in Thailand working on transgender health and other issues. Doy aims to see a better quality of life of transgender women in all aspects including employment equality, gender equality, the pride and self-esteem of being transgender persons.