APTN Thai Foundation Board and Regional Steering Committee
The Asia Pacific Transgender Network has a Thai Foundation board that oversee the finances and assets of the Foundation. They are legally responsible for presenting activity reports, financial report, balance sheets and income and expenditure accounts to the Ministry of Interior as required by law. With assistance from the Secretariat, the Thai Foundation Board oversees all work permits and work visas for non-Thai staff. However, the Thai Foundation Board members respecting the fact that APTN is a regional network and thereby requires greater inclusivity discharge governance duties to the APTN Steering Committee on the condition that it ensures that the Foundation is upholding its objectives and operating within the laws of Kingdom of Thailand. The Steering Committee is the body that establishes and oversees the vision, mission, and strategic objectives of APTN ensuring that its activities and finances are managed in a responsible manner and in accordance with its strategic plan.

Regional Steering Committee

Abhina Aher

Abhina Aher, transgender hijra activist from India, has workedsince 1998 on HIV, sexuality, and gender issues, through technical support, capacity building, programme management and advocacy.. Abhina is Chair of the Asia Pacific Transgender Network  and member of International Global Trans Resource Group. She has worked for the past four years with HIV/AIDS Alliance on the single largest country grantfor India’sMSM transgender hijra community.  Abhina also started the first ever transgender dancing troupe in India, ”Dancing Queen


Hua Boonyapisomparn
[Thailand/ USA]

Hua as people know her, is an experienced transgender activist and a transgender woman. She has worked with organizations and groups of all sizes – from local non-profit organizations to international organizations and networks. Particularly, she has been involved in the establishment of several transgender organizations - locally, nationally in Thailand, and internationally. This includes being the first transgender program supervisor of Sisters, a program under supervision of Population Services International (PSI Thailand),  a founding member of the Thai Transgender Alliance (Thai TGA), and the first coordinator of the Asia-Pacific Transgender Network (APTN). Hua has also done advocacy for organizations targeting women, LGBT, and other marginalized communities in Thailand.



Sulique Waqa

Brown-Acton, Phylesha
[New Zealand]

Phylesha is a champion for the rights of sexual minority groups within the Pacific and Fakafifine of Niuean decent. She is also a volunteer for the Pacific Sexual Diversity Network (PSDN) and was instrumental in the set up of its secretariat, Phylesha previously has a background in the HIV/AIDS sector in regional, national and international roles, which is still an extension of her current advocacy and work.  She is currently pursuing a diploma in child protection studies and completing her license in real estate sales.



Mitch Yusof

Mitch Yusof has over 20 years of social service volunteer experience and 9 years of social service working experience in HIV prevention, care & support with trans communities. In 2014, he co-founded SEED, the first trans-led community based non-profit organization in Malaysia. Working closely with the transgender community in addressing their issues, needs and concerns by providing capacity and skills building and information, advocate on the diverse spectrum under the transgender community and increasing awareness of challenges faced by the communities. Under his tenure as Executive Director, SEED won the Human Rights Award 2016 in recognition of the community’s dedication and perseverance in the fight for Human Rights and Justice - awarded by SUARAM, an NGO established to monitor and advocate for the respect of human rights in Malaysia.


Sulique is a transgender activist, feminist and human rights defender from Fiji who has worked on LGBTIQ issues of the Pacific region for over 13 years. She founded a transgender woman-led movement in Fiji called “the Haus of Khameleon”, which is a project that was initially spearheaded under the Fiji Arts Council umbrella known as the Fiji Transgender Empowerment Project in 2010. For six years now, Sulique has been the chief Coordinator of the popular Adi Senikau Pageant, a transgender pageant in Fiji and sits as a member of the Hibiscus Festival Committee under the Hibiscus Events Group Inc. Sulique also serves as a member of the ILGA-Oceania Board.