Waria Macho? Why Not? #Trans101

Oleh Setia Perdana

Tidak banyak media yang mengekspos transgender dengan pemberitaan yang seimbang. Alhasil, label yang dilekatkan serta perspektif negatif menghasilkan banyak mitos salah yang dipahami masyarakat serta terkadang kelompok transgender sendiri. 

Transgender: Female to Male

Oleh Erky Ardiansyah

Transgender Female to Male (FTM). Kondisi ini muncul dan disadari sejak berusia 20 tahun, dimana penulis sudah mulai mengenal konsep SOGIE (Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression). Sejak kecil sudah merasa berbeda. Tidak nyaman berdandan seperti perempuan umumnya. 

The case of the woman who ‘married’ a transsexual

By Joe Wong

MyPaper reported that a woman purportedly "married" a transsexual, whom she did not know had undergone sex change surgery. 

When to tell your date that you're transgender? 

By Joe Wong

Do you tell them upfront on your first meeting or do you wait until longer into the relationship? How do you maintain a relationship without telling and not come across as being dishonest? 

Stereotype yang umum pada kelompok transgender

Oleh Kevin Halim

Dalam hubungan dan interaksi sosial, manusia cenderung untuk melakukan simplifikasi atau penyederhanaan. Salah satu bentuk penyederhanaan yang paling umum adalah stereotyping. 

Coming Out pada Transgender

Oleh Kevin Halim

Coming out merupakan salah satu hal yang akrab bagi kalangan LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Biseksual dan Transgender). Banyak yang menganggap bahwa coming out merupakan batu pijakan yang paling penting bagi LGBT untuk menunjukkan eksitensinya.

For someone you're coming out to

By Joe Wong

Well, maybe you always suspected. Maybe it’s a total surprise. But no matter what, when a friend, loved one or acquaintance makes the decision to come out and tell you about being transgender, it is an event that is unique, one that requires courage and strength.

Child adoption in Singapore for trans people

By Joe Wong

Over the years of running the support group, one of the question that tend to be asked a lot (especially with those who have completed SRS), is if trans people are allow to adopt a child locally.

Transgender: We are Hero too!

Oleh Lutfi Hendsob

Masih ingat dengan 10 november kemarin sobat bronis? Yups… 10 november biasa diperingati sebagai hari pahlawan. Dimana tercipta sebuah peristiwa bersejarah sepanjang masa tentang perjuangan bangsa Indonesia mempertahankan kemerdekaannya. 

Why label?

By Dorian Wilde

I was asked a question this weekend… a question that challenged my thought processes and beliefs. Yet it was a question that I have asked myself many times a long time ago, a question I have forgotten until last weekend.

Transman and pap test

By Joe Wong

Think you don’t have to get your pap smear just because you’re a transman? You’re wrong. If you are a pre-op transman who haven’t had surgery and still have your reproductive organs/ breasts, ovaries and uterus, you still have to go through the type of screening a woman will have to do. 

Acceptance starts with self

By Joe Wong

In less than 3 days, I’ve heard 2 cases of trans running away from their homes to Thailand thinking it’s much safer than where they came from. Their perception of safe spaces comes from what the media and social spaces portray.

To be stealth or come out at work?

By Joe Wong

Being trans, we often find ourselves in that terrifying predicament of identifying as transgendered and these issues that we have to overcome are pretty universal for us.

Living as a trans*man in my younger days

By Joe Wong

In my years of living, there are countless incidents where i felt like my rights were revoked as a human just because i am trans*. When i was younger, i often questioned myself

Pride and shame

By Joe Wong

We often pride ourselves for accomplishments we have and compliments people gave. These sometimes made us complacent in return. I often questioned myself, what my values are.