Statement on Intersex Day of Solidarity


November 8th marks Intersex Day of Solidarity. The Asia Pacific Transgender Network wants to recognise the monumental work being done by individuals, organisations, and activists around the world to ensure the bodily integrity, autonomy, and dignity of intersex people.

Intersex people face persecution, forced and coerced surgeries and other medical interventions, and maltreatment because of variations in their sex characteristics. The medical interventions, often coerced or forced onto intersex people at a young age without their consent, are abhorrent violations of human rights and have been classified as torture.

APTN specifically wishes to acknowledge that intersex issues are not trans issues: while some struggles are similar, intersex people face a variety of obstacles, violations, and forms of violence that are unique to this population. At trans people, we understand all too well how damaging it can be to have one’s issues merged with those of other identities, and we stand strong in our commitment to support the work of intersex activists, organisations, and movements in their pursuit both of the rights of intersex people and of a robust and self-reliant intersex movement.


For more information and to learn about intersex people and their issues, visit Intersex for allies

Recently released is the update to The State of Intersex Organizing (2nd Edition) | Report 2017 by GATE

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