Nominations for Regional Steering Committee members from Asia

Updated: 23 October 2016

Dear friends of APTN,

As the Chair and Vice-chair of the Asia Pacific Transgender Network, it is out great honor to chair the recruitment of the replacement Regional Steering Committee members from Asia. The RSC serves as the body that establishes and oversees the vision, mission, and strategic directions for APTN—and its responsibilities have never been more important than this year as we complete the transition of our new governance structure.

 This is a very exciting time, and we need you to become involved to make the nomination process successful.  We want our RSC to be representative of the finest leaders in trans activism, and we need your input to support the process.

This year, you may nominate any qualified candidates to serve on the board for a seat. The Regional Steering Commitee currently has 2 Pacific representatives, so these 2 vacant positions are for people in Asia. To find the current list of RSC members, please click here. You can find a complete list of our current Thai Foundation Board members on our website by clicking here.

 Please nominate people who meet these criteria:

·       Demonstrated leadership ability
·       Service to APTN, and/ or trans advocacy and the community locally and/or nationally
·       Particular leadership needs of the organization at the time candidate is being considered
·       Region (Asia)
·       Transgender person

 You may self-nominate, nominate a friend, or get your constituent to nominate you or a friend. However, I would ask that you review the criteria for service in the Terms of Reference (ANNEXE 1) and return a completed nominating form before the 28 October 2016 deadline. Additionally, please be thorough and provide as much information as possible about the candidate. We will only accept nominations that are made through the nomination form, and only completed form will be considered. Please contact your nominee in advance of submitting the nomination to determine their willingness to serve.

 Remember, the deadline to submit nominations for the RSC Nomination Forms are due on or before 28 October 2016. Nominations should be sent by e-mail to the RSC at the following e-mail address: with subject title: RSC member Nomination 2016

Thank you in advance for taking an active role in this year’s nomination process. Should you have any questions
about the process, please do not hesitate to contact me, or the Secretariat. We look forward to hearing from you—and we hope you will use this opportunity to make your voice heard.

Chairperson, Abhina Aher                                                                 Vice-Chairperson, Phylesha Acton Brown                                                   

2016 Regional Steering Committee Members
Abhina Aher, Chair Person
Phylesha Brown Acton, Vice Chair
Sulique Waqa, Member

Terms of Reference
Regional Steering Committee Member

The Asia and Pacific Transgender Network was launched in December 2009 when 15 transgender women from 10 Asia and Pacific countries came together to champion the health, legal and social rights of transgender women. A milestone in the history of transgender people in the region, they demanded recognition as a distinct demographic group separate from the MSM umbrella with unique needs with regards to HIV.

Key responsibilities
As a member of the Regional Steering Committee is the body that establishes and oversees the vision, mission, and strategic objectives of APTN ensuring that its activities and finances are managed in a responsible manner and in accordance with its strategic plan. Committee shall determine and define its roles and responsibilities according to the functions required for the operations of the network.

The Steering Committee approves APTN policies and appoints and reviews the performance of the Regional Coordinator and Program Manager. It reviews and approves the financials for reporting to the Thai Foundation Board. The first Steering Committee has been selected through an independent and transparent process. But future members will be invited or elected through the processes approved by the current Steering Committee.

The Steering Committee is governed in accordance with APTN by-laws. Members are responsible for the effective governance of the organization and the general direction of APTN guiding principles, which includes:

1.     Work towards gender recognition and censure the visibility of transgender people - end the invisibility of transgender people.

2.     Acquire and document transgender specific information (i.e. vulnerability and needs) on Asia and the Pacific transgender communities.

3.     Build alliance and partnerships.

4.     Support the development to transgender people and their organizations.

5.     Promote transgender rights culture, making equality legislation work better.

6.     Develop trans-specific guidelines/ policies and documents.

7.     Support and empower transgender people and transgender organizations/ networks at the country level to drive and lead community interventions


Areas of responsibility

Custodian of APTN’s Organizational Mission and Objectives

·   Developing and approving the mission and programs
·   Strategic thinking and planning
·   Ensuring delivery of organizational purpose
·   Lead the organisation’s efforts to respond to a changing environment with respect to issues relating to transgender people, including legal recognition and rights, health services, prevention, treatment and care for HIV, tuberculosis and other co-infections, social protections, and access to employment


·       Take responsibility for ensuring the governance structure is renewed in ways, which preserve its integrity and capacity to govern a regional network
·       Pursue governance objectives through the establishment of sub-committees and working groups as appropriate
·       Evaluate performance of the Steering Committee
·       Apply the following principles in the exercise of its governance responsibilities:

o    Duty of care and loyalty, involving taking all reasonable care and consideration in making decisions in the best interest of the organisation

o    Duty of mission, being a commitment to act in accordance with APTN’s vision, mission and guiding principles

o    Avoidance of conflict of interest, involving a commitment to voluntarily stand aside from discussion and voting on matters where there is a conflict of interest of any sort - financial, personal or official - or any appearance of conflict, with any matter pending before the Steering Committee; ensure that all decisions of the Steering Committee are made in a transparent and an impartial manner

·       Being open and accountable and behaving with integrity
·       Manage personal interests and conflicts with care, good faith and responsibility.
·       Ensure communication with members of the Thai Foundation Board.
·       Develop processes for recruitment of members for Steering Committee and Thai Foundation Board. 

Resource Mobilization and Finances

·   Support Secretariat in Fundraising, and assuring sufficient financial resources to carry out APTN’s strategic plan
·   Approve the annual budget
·   Act as ambassadors with donors and other external actors
·   Exercise effective financial controls

 Organizational Oversight

·       Approving policies which are in accordance with the organisational mission and values
·   Employing the network coordinator and program manager and supporting them in fulfilling organizational mission and goals
·   Evaluating performance of the network coordinator and program manager and the organization as whole through agreed upon and a small number of key performance indicators
·   Ensuring delivery of organization strategic purpose (separate and distinct from operational matters and day-to-day management that is responsibility of Secretariat)

As defined in the APTN By-Laws